Wednesday, January 17, 2007


هو متحف رشيد،

حقيقة لم أكن أعلم بوجود هذه الأماكنالأثرية الجميلة بمدينة رشيد، منازل أثرية، طاحونة و حمام تركي قديم

و لكن حقيقة كنت أتمني أن أري حجر رشيد

ياللا ما علينا، المهم انني استمتعت بزيارة رشيد


Desert Rose said...

Hi Egiziana .. how are you?
Gld you enjoyed your visit and glad to hear from you..

I like this new look :)

beastboy said...

Ciao bella, nice new look you didn't see 7agar rashid when you were in London...!!! I am planning to do this soon ... I will take some pictures and send it to you.
Wont you tell us a little bit who is organizing this nice trip? do they have a website??

Noblese said...

Hi there, is this place really in Egypt? Didn't know the touristic places are being taken care of. Glad you liked the visit. Where about is Rashid? I did see the rosetta stone in London as beastboy mentioned, very impressive!