Sunday, March 07, 2010


I hate feeling this, having many emotions and reactions and cannot express it, not for any reason except being polite, or keeping my job or ... or respecting our culture , unfortunately the culture of keeping our reactions closed in ourselves ...

A friend that living a totally different life than mine, and may be we had some time together just chatting about few things ... actually her reactions start to be boring because of her background different than mine, and the superficiality and laziness she insist to keep, at the same time she is keeping chasing me, thinking that she should be nice to me as I was with her during her rough time,
but I don't want,
how could I be honest with her telling her pleasssse step back from my life ... , I hate to hurt her cause she is a tooo fragile person .... but I am bored .. that's it !!!
How could I express myself and face a colleague telling him how he is a liar, opportunist and a greedy person who ruined my job and I have to remain silent just to keep it ...